Happy First Anniversary to PERS Insider! 

And what a year it’s been. From COVID-19 transforming the face of the healthcare industry to the 3G sunset dominating our 2021 operational strategies to supply chain issues complicating them, the last 12 months have dramatically changed our industry. 

And with more than 135 stories over 27 issues, we’ve been there for it all.

We wouldn’t be able to do PERS Insider without your generous support, unparalleled attention, and constant inspiration. We thank you. 

Here’s a look back at our ten most popular articles from our first year:  


10. How Supply Chain Problems Are Impacting The PERS Industry

“Another speed bump compounding the supply chain issue is the persistent and widespread delays we continue to see affecting e-commerce suppliers with shipping slowdowns, and boats literally floating in the water outside our ports with no one left to unload them.”

9. Brighton Taps A Secret Sales Weapon: Jennifer Solsten

“I love to grow. I like to not be stale,” said Solsten. “But things happen, and full circle, here I am right back in this space that I’m very passionate about.” 

8. Inside Essence: The PERS Insider Profile

“Don't shy away from innovation.” 

7. The Anatomy of a Deal: How Medical Guardian Got Comfortable with Private Equity and Picked Water Street

“It’s a big deal by any standard, but what makes the timing even more remarkable is that it was done in the shadow of a global pandemic and the resulting economic disarray.”

6. Philips' Fumbles Prove To Be Writing On The Wall

“When commenting recently on the story, industry watcher Laurie Orlov recalled moments when Philips fumbled opportunities as industry technology evolved. Orlov put together an in-depth timeline of PERS industry devices and developments during the lifetime of Philips' ownership of Lifeline.”

5. Exclusive: Connect America’s New CEO Janet Dillione Won’t Let A Pandemic Stop Her

“Dillione, a non-traditional choice for the top spot at one of the leading companies in the PERS market, is counting on her outsider's perspective to lead the company to new heights.”

4.  Bay Alarm Medical Launches PERS Watch

“Bay Alarm Medical launched a PERS watch it's calling the SOS Smartwatch. The 4G watch is location-aware with GPS and includes a step tracker. Bay claims up to a 24-hour battery life, but with some real caveats.” 

3. Industry Reacts to Lifeline’s “For Sale” Sign

“Philips’ clumsiness gave opportunities to others to compete aggressively against them.”

2. PERS Industry Reacts to Connect America’s Acquisition of Lifeline

“I think this deal was really done for one, the brand. Two, for that extensive customer base that's in place. And three, for the possibilities to leverage that base with healthcare and other related solutions.”

1. Connect America Wins Auction and Seals The Deal To Acquire Philips Lifeline

“Looking ahead at the opportunity created by this transaction, Connect America and Philips Lifeline ACG will provide an unmatched connected health experience for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers throughout North America and bring true sustainable innovation to the healthcare market.” 

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