It’s hard to believe, but we’re proud to be coming to your inbox this morning with our 50th issue of PERS Insider. 

When we launched this newsletter in June 2020, we could never have imagined all of the industry-shifting stories we were going to report on or the thousands of PERS colleagues we would be connecting with. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to celebrate this milestone and look back at five of our favorite stories of PERS devices in action (including a particularly “explosive” one) that we’ve covered over the last two years.

5. MUST-WATCH VIDEO: A PERS System Saves Woman From Falling Cabinet

In a jaw-dropping video from Fox 5 Atlanta, a 76-year-old woman’s medical alert device accurately detected a fall as her kitchen cabinet fell on her. 

Her smart camera captured the whole scene from the falling cabinet to the quick arrival by first responders. The grateful Georgia resident credited her medical alert system with helping her get out of this dangerous, and scary, situation. 

4. FLASHBACK: The Infamous “I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up” Commercial

Viewed by many as an albatross around the neck of a more modern PERS industry, the original Life Call commercial still defines our industry and maybe as famous as any catchphrase in modern advertising.

Today we share an article from 1990 that interviews Edith Fore, the actress who uttered the infamous phrase in the viral commercial—capturing the attention of Arsenio Hall, Howard Stern, and Johnny Carson.

3. PERS Device Saves Man After Home Explodes
Some of our most popular stories on PERS Insider this year have been unusual but life-saving cases of a PERS device coming to a user’s rescue.
We’ve got another one for you out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, where a man used his PERS device to call first responders after his house exploded
According to local news station, “The Northeast Allen County Fire Department said crews were called after a man used his medical alert bracelet to call for help. Responding crews found a home that had exploded with a man trapped inside.” The man was taken to a local hospital in serious condition, and the investigation into the home’s propane gas line is still ongoing. 

2. Man Uses Medical Alert Pendant After House Catches Fire
The Phoenix Fire Department has a local resident to thank for alerting them to a recent massive house fire in a suburban neighborhood—more specifically, they should thank his Life Alert device

Linwood Moore saw flames engulfing a house nearby in his neighborhood, but instead of using his cellphone to call 911, he activated his PERS device to be directly connected to his monitoring center.

“I hit the button, and within a minute, the representative came on. And I said 'call the fire department!'” Moore said.

Add this to the ever-expanding list of life-saving use cases of a PERS device.

1. Finally, this Knoxville PERS user wants to thank the first responders for saving his life after he fell while home alone.
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